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Professional and well-trained military and security establishments that are subject to democratic oversight have an important role in providing the stability and security needed for broad-based, equitable development. In addition, the burden of peacekeeping on the continent is increasingly falling on African militaries. For these reasons, the GCA has organized a series of colloquia on security and the military in Africa, focusing on the changing role of the military and new challenges to security that African countries face.

Security and NEPAD, GCA Colloquium;
Maputo, Mozambique, January 22-23, 2002

The Changing Role of the Military in Africa; GCA Colloquium; Dakar, Senegal; December 12-13, 2000

Democracy, the Military and Security; GCA Colloquium; Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; December 2-4, 1999

Private Military Companies and Security in Africa; GCA and International Alert Roundtable; Washington DC; March 12, 2000

Peace and security activities prior to 1999

2004 Policy Forum - Migration and Development in Africa
TICAD Asia-Africa Trade and Investment Conference (AATIC) - Tokyo, Japan - November 1 and 2, 2004
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