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The promotion of regional integration is expected to intensify under the African Union (AU); and its intention to build the AU itself by strengthening its component parts - the regional and sub-regional economic integration communities. The GCA has always treated regional economic integration as one of its most important areas of activity. The latest effort in this regard was the deployment of two groups of Eminent Persons on Regional Integration - one group to review the status of regional integration institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa, and the other to focus on West Africa. The two Groups have completed their visits to countries and institutions , based on which they have recommended how the programs and mandates of integration institutions in each of the sub-regions may be better coordinated and harmonized. The reports will be shared with relevant institutions. The starting point for the work of the Eminent Persons was the recommendation adopted at the conclusion of the GCA Meeting on Regional integration in sub-Saharan Africa, which was held in Pretoria, in May 2001.

Regional Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa, Toward Rationalization and Greater Effectiveness

Regional Integration and Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Economic Committee Meeting, Pretoria, South Africa, May 2-3, 2001

2004 Policy Forum - Migration and Development in Africa
TICAD Asia-Africa Trade and Investment Conference (AATIC) - Tokyo, Japan - November 1 and 2, 2004
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